Friday, January 26, 2007

Famous Names Associated with The Adger Family

Wendy Ball -- co-author with Tony Martin of "Rare Afro-Americana: A Reconstruction of the Adger Library"

Octavius Catto -- close friend of Robert Mara Adger, Catto's funeral in 1871 was the biggest and most elaborate ever held for a black man in America. Robert Mara Adger named his son Octavius Catto Adger (b-1867) after him. Octavius Adger Jr. was born in 1898.

Fanny Jackson Coppin -- teacher at the Institute of Colored Youth which was attended by many of the Adger children.

W.E.B. DuBois -- gives mention to Robert Mara Adger in his book, "The Philadelphia Negro". Chapter 9, The Occupations of Negroes.

Tony Martin -- co-author with Wendy Ball of "Rare Afro-Americana: A Reconstruction of the Adger Library"

Arthur A. Schomburg -- (1874-1938) His collection of Afro-American related books, manuscripts, pamphlets and ephemera was purchased for $10,000 in 1926. It is currently housed in the Harlem branch of the New York Public Library.

William Still -- (1821-1902) Was an underground railroad leader and was Secretary of the Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society.

Booker T. Washington -- An Adger Family friend, he is quoted in The Century Magazine article "Negro Homes" May 1908 on the number of books Adger had amassed.


Shawnese Adger said...
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Shawnese Adger said...

My great great grandfather was Robert Mara Adger. I still walk to the historical marker on 8th & South Streets in honor of him presented by the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission.